The 2012 Publishing Triangle Awards

The annual Triangle Awards, recognizing excellence in gay and lesbian literature, were presented last night at The New School’s Tishman Auditorium in New York City. Also honored were activist and literary agent Frances Goldin, winner of this year’s Leadership Award, and cartoonist Alison Bechdel, who received the 2012 Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement…. read more

Cliterotica: Winter 2012

Greetings, erotica lovers! Winter is an excellent time to curl up with a naughty book, and there are quite a few new good ones out there to choose from. Many more erotica books are available digitally these days, and while I do get a perverse thrill carrying around The Harder She Comes: Butch/Femme Erotica or… read more

Paul Russell: Merging Fiction and Fact

In his new novel The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov, author Paul Russell brings an almost forgotten witness to history back to life: the younger brother of the great writer Vladimir Nabokov, a gay man who lived in the shadow of his famous family.

Russell spoke with Lambda Literary Review about creating Sergey’s unreal life, blending historical fact with a novelist’s imagination, and reveling in the syntax of Gertrude Stein…. read more

Book Lovers: The 12 Nights of Christmas

“And visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.” I follow the old tradition and believe that Christmas should be properly celebrated from Christmas Eve on December 24 through the Epiphany on January 6—the 12 days of Christmas. This also means that I get to cash in on all the after Christmas inventory clearance sales… read more

Cliterotica: Fall 2011

Well, debauched and smutty readers, it’s been a slow summer for lesbian erotica. You probably noticed, because I’m sure you’ve been checking every day just in case, that there was not a summer Cliterotica roundup. Though there were some fantastic releases this spring, I couldn’t hunt down any titles that were released over the… read more

‘The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov’ by Paul Russell

Paul Russell’s newest novel imagines the delicate inner life of Sergey Nabokov, the lesser-known gay brother of Vladimir, of Lolita fame. It’s a work rich in details—the air-raid sirens of 1943 Berlin serenade Sergey as he remembers his childhood in St. Petersburg, Russia, where revolution and violence exist amid the ethereal beauty of the ballet,… read more

Book Lovers: Charm School

Best Gay Romance 2011, edited by Richard Labonté (Cleis Press) should become the textbook for gay romance fiction.  Labonté has collected a broad range of romance tropes, from coming-out tale to ghost story, written by a top-notch group of international romance writers. These stories are truly some of the best, romance or not.  You’ll finish… read more

Cliterotica: Spring 2011

Quarterly Lesbian Erotica Roundup Ah, spring. It’s in the air. Can’t you feel it? Can’t you smell it? Or maybe that’s the smell of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway outside my window. I can’t tell. Regardless, with the change from winter into spring, I always get a little extra feisty, excited about the smaller and fewer and… read more