'Like a Dog' by Tara Jepsen

Like A Dog is a humorous portrait of Paloma, an aimless 30-something who loves to skate and drink, but who also has incredible moments of insight… read more

'Haiti Glass' by Lenelle Moïse

Moïse’s poetry embraces everything from her native Haiti, to the experience of an immigrant child, to Basquiat, to the loss of her uncle to AIDS. With brilliant control, Moïse pulls taut the wire that transforms pain into poetry…. read more

'Cha-Ching!' by Ali Liebegott

Ali Liebegott’s novel Cha-Ching! is like a message in a bottle, a moment of desperation, survival and dreams. The novel, released by the new Sister Spit imprint (headed by Michelle Tea) of City Light Books offers readers a snapshot into the life of Theo, a dyke who when we first meet her is placing the… read more

Ali Liebegott: Highways and Byways

“Where will queers and artists live in this day and age? I felt driven to try and capture a bit of these places before they were gentrified and unaffordable.”

Ali Liebegott talked with the Lambda Literary Review about her new novel, Cha-Ching!, her work with Sister Spit, and some exciting forthcoming projects…. read more

'American Romances' by Rebecca Brown

In American Romances, her new book of essays, Rebecca Brown has a voice that is full of pop references, family stories, and the fruits of a lifetime of  — in her perfect phrase – extreme reading.  The voice is a hoot, and it is dead serious.   This is writing with exquisite control, fully up to… read more