Michelle Tea: A Writer's Passion

“I hope to start building up the careers of a lot of writers I deeply believe in, but because of their outsiderness in the literary world do not have careers at the levels they deserve.”

Writer Michelle Tea recently signed an imprint with the legendary City Light Books, and Lambda had the enlightening opportunity of interviewing her about money, work, activism, sustenance, and her new imprint…. read more

New in March: Bachardy, Vidal, Jansson

& Books Not Found Anywhere Else Compiling this list every month is bar none my most challenging duty. Gathering a list of LGBT books published every month isn’t as easy as it seems. Pub dates change. Genres evolve. Authors come out. However, this is perhaps one of the most important jobs I get to do…. read more

2010 in Review: Ginsberg & The Beats

Beats were Bisexual? This year Allen Ginsbergs parter, Peter Orlovsky died. And with the release of the film, Howl, staring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg, came a slew of new books and reissues centered around The Beats. Edmund White even wrote a wonderful piece for the NYRoB noting, “almost all of the Beats were bisexual… read more

'King of Shadows' by Aaron Shurin

King of Shadows, Aaron Shurin’s new essay collection, is the San Francisco poet’s ninth book. An astonishing precision of language pervades these twenty-one portraits of a mind’s intercourse with the world. Most are quite short; some topics may seem slight: a friend’s appreciation of the care with which Shurin has decorated his apartment, a discussion… read more