'Limiters' by Christopher Stoddard

“More narrative snapshot than traditional story, Limiters left me thinking for days afterward, not just about its characters, but about story, society, and my own expectations [ …]”… read more

Call for Submissions: ITNA Press

ITNA PRESS is a Brooklyn-based company founded by Christopher Stoddard, author of White, Christian,  that’s dedicated to publishing honest works of American literary fiction deemed too provocative for the mainstream…. read more

The Banal and the Profane: Christopher Stoddard

“Sometimes I fantasize about living a ‘straight’ gay life: monogamous relationship, marriage, pairing my dog with that of a lover’s, buying a home, considering adoption. No more credit cards. No more partying. No more anonymous sex. But the thought is fleeting […]”

This month’s “Banal and Profane” column comes to us from writer Christopher Stoddard.
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'SATANICA': Pleasure Seekers Wanted

At a loss on what kind of holiday gift to give that madcap, pleasure-seeking, hedonist in your life? Writer Christopher Stoddard and artist Gio Black Peter have you covered. The two have curated SATANICA, a darkly humorous collection that brings together the brightest and boldest queer transgressive artists. SATANICA is a limited-edition publication curated by… read more