Jennifer Benka Named the Executive Director of the Academy of American Poets

What’s new in literature in the LGBT community? On June 11, 2012,  Jennifer Benka, was announced as the new Executive Director for the Academy of American Poets after years of dedication to varies sectors in nonprofit organizations. Alongside her many achievements working with nonprofit organizations, Benka has written two collections of poetry, Pinko and A… read more

'Life in Hell' No More: Matt Groening Ends Gay-Inclusive Strip

Matt Groening, mastermind behind the Simpsons, has put his “Life in Hell” comic strip to rest. Featured in alternative newspapers, the strip included a gay couple (Akbar and Jeff, anyone?). According to reports, the comic has been cut due to budget constraints, but has enjoyed 1,669 installments. [Advocate]… read more

Community Members Unite to Save Glad Day, the World’s Oldest Surviving LGBTQ Bookstore

When Glad Day announced its financial hardships months ago, members of Ontario’s LGBT community were heartbroken at the thought of this landmark bookstore having to close its doors. But luckily, community members banded together to purchase the store and continue its legacy. John Scythes, the shop’s former owner, said: “I really didn’t want to see… read more

5th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Children’s/Young Adult Literature WINNER: When Heroes Die by Penny Raife Durant (Atheneum) The Daddy Machine by Johnny Valentine, illustrated by Lynette Schmidt (Alyson Wonderland) A Boy’s Best Friend by Joan Alden, illustrated by Catherine Hopkins (Alyson Wonderland) Drowning of Stephan Jones by Bette Greene (Bantam) Day They Put a Tax on Rainbows by Johnny Valentine, illustrated… read more