'The Art of History' by Christopher Bram

Bram’s The Art of History, Unlocking the Past in Fiction & Nonfiction is a brisk and entertaining jog through 29 great books and how authors grappled with history in their writing… read more

John Schuyler Bishop: The Strange Loves of Henry David Thoreau

“In all I read about him, Thoreau never really became more than the wooden icon who tramped the woods and wrote brilliant essays. But he was a living, breathing, gay man who yearned for love…”

A few bold scholars have explored the mystery of Henry David Thoreau’s love life, but author John Schuyler Bishop has now written a novel about it, appropriately titled Thoreau in Love.

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Christopher Bram: LGBT Writers in Schools

“Reading is a very private experience, so private it can seem solipsistic at times. It’s necessary to talk about books now and then, just to get out of our heads and into the world.”

Author Christopher Bram talked with the Lambda Literary Review about his work, his support of the LGBT community, and his participation in the LGBT Writers in Schools program…. read more

Christopher Bram: Charting the Outlaws

“I would find a story thread, follow it, see where it would lead me, often to another thread and then another and another. I did not have to make up the funny lines. My subjects provided me with the best lines…”

Christopher Bram’s newest book, Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America, covers a 50-year period and deliciously fills in details on the lives of a dozen gay writers who changed the fabric of our culture.

Bram took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about his new book, the publishing industry, and the state of literary fiction. … read more