'What Comes Around' by Jameson Currier

From an adolescent crush on a swimming instructor to the imagined drowning of a high maintenance boyfriend, Currier explores every aspect of relationships – the good, the bad, and the very dysfunctional – each set in a literary landscape perfectly crafted for the lovelorn. … read more

‘Desire: Tales of New Orleans’ by William Sterling Walker

Desire is a guilty pleasure of a read, conversational and conspiratorial. It’s almost as if these people are welcoming you into their private chats, dishing out the latest neighborhood gossip about who picked up whom, whose ex is now someone else’s current…. read more

Book Lovers: Places I Read About on My Summer Vacation

Being flat broke in Vegas and not much of a world traveler in any case, I let my imagination soar above baggage checks and TSA searches to journey to exotic locales safe in the hands of some capable m/m romance writers.  If your vacation hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, it isn’t too late to… read more