Jennifer Benka Named the Executive Director of the Academy of American Poets

What’s new in literature in the LGBT community? On June 11, 2012,  Jennifer Benka, was announced as the new Executive Director for the Academy of American Poets after years of dedication to varies sectors in nonprofit organizations. Alongside her many achievements working with nonprofit organizations, Benka has written two collections of poetry, Pinko and A… read more

Jaime Manrique & the Apocryphal Quixote

An Interview Celebrated professor, novelist, translator, memoirist, and multiple Lambda Award Finalist, Jaime Manrique, discusses his new project, a historical novel based on Cervantes’ life, the future of Latino LGBT literature, the greatest novel written by a Puerto Rican, and Robert Rodriguez’s new film Machete…. read more

Charlie Vázquez, "Bronx Dharma"

This week we’re featuring work by two poets in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. To begin, a poem by Charlie Vázquez, appearing here in both English and Spanish…. read more

Q & A with Charlie Vázquez

Charlie Vázquez, a radical writer of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, is the author of Buzz and Israel (Fireking Press 2004) and more recently, Contraband (QueerMojo 2010), which follows one man’s subterranean exile in the American Southwest. Recently we traded emails and he answered some of my questions about queer Latino politics, his inspirations for… read more

Charlie Vazquez: 5 Poets Who Changed My Life

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a classicist when it comes to poetry (and the fine arts in general), so I’ll blame the long line of queers and other renegades that created most of it! The five poets that changed my life are, and in no particular order… Charles Baudelaire – What is sexier… read more