Megan Volpert: Six Degrees of Andy Warhol

“The tagline for the book is, ‘everybody becomes Andy,’ and that’s something I came almost unwillingly to understand…”

2011 saw the publication of several new biographies about Andy Warhol, but perhaps none with such an unusual voice as Megan Volpert’s Sonics in Warholia, from Sibling Rivalry Press. In this interview, Charles Jensen sits down with the author of this distinctive new book to dig into the connections between Warhol and, well, everything…. read more

Charles Jensen @ Decatur Book Festival

Poet Charles Jensen reads “I Am the Boy Who Is Tied Down (Matthew Shepard)” from his Lambda Award Finalist collection, The First Risk (Lethe) at the 5th Annual AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Decatur Book Festival in Georgia. Atlanta Queer Literary Festival partnered with DBF this year to help bring a number of LGBT writers to the… read more

'The First Risk' by Charles Jensen

Lambda Award Finalist Charles Jensen, winner of the 2006 Frank O’Hara Chapbook Award, has delivered an admirable full-length collection with The First Risk, a recent Lammy finalist for best gay poetry. Above all, The First Risk is a study in contrasts, dualities, and fractured relationships. Divided into four sections, the first—and perhaps, inevitably, the most… read more