Call for Submissions: Gay Erotic Romance

When your life’s on the line, who has your back? For policemen, FBI agents, detectives, and firemen, etc., there is no one they trust more than their buddy, their partner, the one person on whom they depend. What happens when that partnership deepens into something more? Show us–take it beyond the mean streets and flashing… read more

Call for Submissions: Wayfarers All

Sword & Saga Press is currently accepting submissions for their upcoming double issue of American Athenaeum, titled “Wayfarers All,” dedicated to the wayfarer in us all: We ask you: where have you traveled and where will you go next, and more importantly, what have you learned along the way. For some, “travel” might be from one… read more

Call for Submissions: Kalyani Magazine

Kalyani Magazine is a community focused around a semi-annual literary publication featuring diverse writing styles from women of color. Each issue explores one theme, word, or concept that impacts women in diverse ways.  We specifically welcome submissions from previously unpublished authors. Our goal is to be an accessible literary magazine which encourages all women of color… read more