Young Adult: Under the Influence of Books

We at Lambda Literary asked a bunch of our favorite queer and allied authors, filmmakers and artists (Bruce LaBruce, Susan Miller, Simon Doonan, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, and many more) to answer the question: when you were younger, what was your favorite YA novel? And why?… read more

'Shadow Walkers' by Brent Hartinger

In Brent Hartinger’s Shadow Walkers (Flux), isolated 16-year-old Zach journeys into the astral realm (the spiritual dimension juxtaposed with our physical world) to save his kidnapped brother. Hartinger’s 8th novel deftly meditates on isolation, interpersonal connectivity, and how drastically the Internet has changed modern teen life…. read more

10 Outstanding LGBT Teen Reads
(from the last 10 years)

When I wrote my first novel, Rainbow Boys, I was writing the book I wished had been available when I was a teen—a book that would’ve told me: “It’s okay to be who you are.” I never imagined that with its 2001 my book would set off an ever-growing parade of LGBT-themed books for and… read more

Interview: Brent Hartinger

William Burleson chats with Brent Hartinger about his new YA novel Split Screen, why teen books are better than “adult books,” and the ongoing struggle of bisexual awareness…. read more

'Split Screen' by Brent Hartinger

Will Min and Leah make it as a couple, even though Leah, the beautiful cheerleader, is in the closet, much to the chagrin of out-and-proud Min? Will Russel stay with Otto, whom he loves but lives a thousand miles away, or will he go back to his first love, Kevin Land, the popular high school… read more