'Hide' by Matthew Griffin

Hide is an exceedingly tough and emotionally wrenching book. Griffin’s writing is, however, simply beautiful… read more

'The Repercussions' by Catherine Hall

The Repercussions does not try to explain war, nor does it try to call us to action. It is simply a chronicle of the ways human beings mess each other up and what it takes, on an individual level, to keep on living… read more

Cynthia Carr: Searching for David Wojnarowicz

“He always felt like he was an alien and that people wouldn’t accept him as he was. He created camouflage.”

Writer and biographer Cynthia Carr discusses the public and private life of the iconic artist David Wojnarowicz along with the challenges of creating a cohesive history that blends the two…. read more

Read an Excerpt from the New David Wojnarowicz Biography 'Fire in the Belly'

This month Bloomsbury USA is releasing the first full length–and much buzzed about– biography of queer downtown artist, activist, and provocateur David Wojnarowicz.  Wojnarowicz, who died of AIDS in 1992, is seen by many as one of the most influential and controversial artist of the  1980s East Village art scene…. read more

Carter Sickels: Honesty, Compassion, and Grace

“You rarely see gay characters who are living in rural areas in contemporary fiction. Not all queers want to live in cities. People stay in small towns for different reasons, but sometimes they stay because this is home, because they love the land, they feel this deep connection.”

Author Carter Sickels took some time to talk with Lambda about his debut novel, The Evening Hour (Bloomsbury), his writing process, tenderness between men, and coming out as trans. … read more