Keith Boykin: Practicing Love

“We could have filled the book with stories of doom and gloom but that would have been just as dishonest as doing a book filled only with happy success stories. For most of us, life isn’t all sad and isn’t all happy.”

Editor, writer, MSNBC commentator, BET columnist, and former White House special assistant to Bill Clinton, Keith Boykin talks with Lambda about his latest anthology For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out…. read more

'Black Marks on White Paper' by Michelle Antoinette Nelson (Love the Poet)

On the page, Love’s poems remind you that rhyme is the root word for rhythm. Contemporary poetry may have long shied away from the limits of rhyme, but Love’s wordplay is refreshing, executed with precision and a clear, performable quality. All of her poems have a direct relationship with their audience, relying on a rich sense of community instead of any writer-reader barrier…. read more

His Name Be Witness: The Genius of Marvin K. White

The good news, girl is that you eat the heart first so you will not love what you have to do next—divide up the brains. Do the unthinkable. Swallowing pride is only practice for chewing on the gristle of memory. Nothing tastes like it used to. And fortunately the more you eat the less used… read more

'War Diaries' edited by Tisa Bryant and Ernest Hardy

What War Diaries (AIDS Project Los Angeles & the Global Forum on MSM and HIV), edited by Tisa Bryant and Ernest Hardy, lacks in polish it more than makes up for with an impacted and blunt beauty. This new anthology published by AIDS Project Los Angeles & the Global Forum on MSM and HIV offers refreshingly… read more