'What Weaponry' by Elizabeth J. Colen

Once Elizabeth J. Colen lays an image down (and she lays images down one at a time, like celluloids or tracing paper), it’s impossible to un-see or un-know it. And—the most remarkable of all— the truths she constructs are far more nuanced and intuitive to the human condition…. read more

'The Aversive Clause' by B.C. Edwards

“[I]n his most successful stories, Edwards merges the fanciful with a strong emotional core, which gives those fantastic elements a deeper, metaphorical meaning, particularly when paired with queer characters.”read more

23 Highly Anticipated* Books of 2011

AWP 2011 was abuzz with old friends and new friends alike. In between the lectures, panels, readings, and receptions we compiled this list of new and forthcoming books that authors, publishers, editors and readers are already buzzing about. What books are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below…. read more

The Big Moose Prize

Each year Black Lawrence Press awards The Big Moose Prize for an unpublished novel. The prize is open to new, emerging, and established writers. The winner of this contest will receive book publication, a $1,000 cash award, and ten copies of the book. The deadline for this prize is Monday, January 31. For more information and  instructions,… read more

‘Said and Done’ by James Morrison

Lambda Award Finalist Full disclosure: I am ‘friends’ with James Morrison on Facebook (though we’ve never met in person), and we both appeared in an issue of the North Dakota Quarterly (Morrison’s story, “Help,” is reprinted here). But rather than bias my review of Said and Done, I like to imagine that our tenuous association… read more

The St. Lawrence Book Award: Deadline 9/31

Black Lawrence Press is currently accepting submissions for the 2010 St. Lawrence Book Award, an annual award that is given for an unpublished collection of short stories or poems. The St. Lawrence Book Award is open to any writer who has not yet published a full-length collection of short stories or poems. The winner of this contest will… read more