Lesbian Mysteries for Fall

“Mischief Night. Halloween. Day of the Dead. Howling winds. Footsteps in the leaves. Murder most foul. Mysteries and autumn just go together. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good mystery on a chill autumn night.”… read more

'Last Salute' by Tracey Richardson

Last Salute (Bella Books) begins with Pamela Wright coming home from her shift in the ER of Chicago’s University of Illinois Medical Center mentally exhausted, and feeling as though she has accomplished nothing. She’s just getting into a reheated plate of spaghetti and meatballs when the doorbell rings. Two officers in full Army dress are there… read more

'Melt' by Robbi McCoy

Kelly Sheffield is a talented photojournalist on a career-changing assignment. She was once a love-struck student, but that was many years and thousands of miles ago. As Melt (Bella) opens, we learn that the object of her past admiration and naive crush was one of her college professors.  However, Jordan Westgate only responded with a cool… read more

'Awakenings' by Jackie Calhoun

Awakenings (Bella Books) is a story of stirrings in many forms.  Couched in the near history of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s infamous union busting tactics, two women who have not seen each other in over a decade, meet unexpectedly at a protest and add their personal awakenings to the rousing “sleeping giant” movement centered around the… read more

'Rhapsody' by KG MacGregor

Rhapsody is a hope-filled tale of healing—the healing of a painful past, hidden behind a mask—and the hope of overcoming it. Ashley Giraud, well-established, popular TV4 anchor has worked her way to the top from the wrong side of the tracks via a Miss Missouri title. Through hard work and dedication, Ashley has been able… read more

Bits & Pieces: Summer Lesbian Mystery Roundup

With yet another global warming summer upon us, it’s time to head to the beach, the mountains or maybe just to an air-conditioned room with some good suspense reading. And if perhaps there’s a little romance tossed in, who could complain? Some of us never need an excuse to read mysteries or romance, but for… read more