'Candyass' by Nick Comilla

Candyass is a coming-of-age story that veers from the usual terrain of family and peer rejection as the focus… read more

'Jazz Moon' by Joe Okonkwo

Jazz Moon, in part, is a love story. The beautiful complicated love story of main character Ben Charles, a burgeoning poet from the south who arrives in New York in the midst of the Harlem Renaissance…. read more

'The Rest of Us' By Guy Mark Foster

Guy Mark Foster in his collection of short stories, The Rest of Us (Tincture), chronicles what it is to be African-American and gay, amid homophobia, religious dogma, and racism…. read more

'Eyes of Water & Stone' by Cedric Brown

Eyes of Water & Stone is the story of a love affair between an American and Cuban that is plagued by a history of denial; a forbidden romance set on a prohibited island. Similar to United States and Cuba relations, the affair is complicated by ideals of freedom and economics…. read more

'An Arab Melancholia' by Abdellah Taïa

As the aftermath of the civil uprisings that influenced the Arab Spring settles into a precarious political movement seeking democracy, there will no doubt emerge among the voices of dissenters a voice that will challenge the political rhetoric promising an equalitarian society, a voice that will challenge the morality of a people and the ideals… read more

'98 Wounds' by Justin Chin

Justin Chin stitches together a collection of stories in 98 Wounds that are visceral, unsettling, overwhelming, disturbing, poetic, beautiful, loving, and real. Be prepared to be emotionally and psychologically jarred; to be wounded and healed…. read more

'Smoketown' by Tenea D. Johnson

In her debut novel, Smoketown (Blind Eye Books), Tenea D. Johnson magically creates a verdant jungle from what was once a Kentucky holler.  The city of Leiodare, formally Middlesboro, Kentucky, serves as this narrative’s anchor. Essentially an environmental side-effect of climate change, Leiodare is a combination of lush forest and futuristic modern technology. The story… read more