The Collective Tarot: A Magical Collaboration

We tend to think of ourselves as an image saturated and obsessed society. We’ve made print cheap, we’re surrounded by images that move and glow and build social networks on people’s virtual bulletin boards. None of this could be possible without a blooming visual literacy that spans everything from emoticons to advertising billboards and the… read more

'No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics' edited by Justin Hall

Somebody needed to do this: compile a knowledgeable, historical collection of queer comics. But the task was daunting in more ways than one. There’s the difficulty of curating any historical collection to include the most representative art works and artists of the era. But queer comics pose an added challenge, as many were published by underground, indie and non-mainstream publishers, or were self-published…… read more

'Gay Genius' edited by Annie Murphy

Gay Genius comes with its own definition at the back of the book. The Romans thought genius was a guardian spirit, but it also means an influential person or one with high mental ability. Readers are given sample usage as well: “Your gay genius astounds me” or “ Last night my gay genius appeared to… read more