'The Vines' by Christopher Rice

“[…] Rice’s latest novel […] creatively blends his first talent for mystery and suspense with his heritage and own imaginative horror to produce a captivating horticultural nightmare. […]”… read more

The State of the Short Story

“Over the years I had heard, and half believed, that the short story was in decline, when the plain truth was simply that much of the action was happening out of sight – at any rate, out of my sight because I, and my friends, and my favorite critics, simply hadn’t been paying close enough… read more

Becoming Barbara Streisand

Lambda Award-winning author William J. Mann discusses his recently released biography Hello, Gorgeous—“the electrifying story of how Barbara Streisand transformed herself into the greatest star of her era”—with Out Magazine. From Out: Mann, who has written definitive books about other LGBT icons including Katharine Hepburn and William Haines, secured access to previously-sealed private collections and… read more

Anne Rice Discusses Catholic Church and Sexuality in 'Advocate' Interview [Video]

Anne Rice, famed author of books about the supernatural and erotica, recently spoke to The Advocate about why she left the Catholic Church. Rice was interviewed by her gay son, Christopher, a bestselling author and former Lambda Literary Foundation Chair. Back in July, Rice denounced the Catholic Church, calling it “dishonest” and “immoral.” Here she explains… read more

Anne Rice: "I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist."

Huge news this week from author Anne Rice: she’s quitting Christianity. Rice made the statement via a series of Facebook status updates on Wednesday: As I said below, I quit being a Christian. I’m out. In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial… read more