'Hidden Hearts' by Ann Roberts

CC Carlson is a young lawyer on her first job with a prestigious mega-law firm.  She’s determined to impress her boss with her first major assignment; however, things do not go as planned, and CC faces a detour that could be life altering, if only she is up for the challenge…. read more

'Keeping Up Appearances' by Ann Roberts

Ann Roberts’ ninth novel Keeping Up Appearances (Spinsters Ink), is set in 2004 in a Phoenix, Arizona middle school and spans one school year. Faye Burton is the principal, and while she’s not dumpy, she is less concerned with what she wears. Experience has taught her it is always possible that one of the students she… read more

'Beacon of Love' by Ann Roberts

Stephanie and Paula were inseparable best friends from grade school through high school. Then Paula wanted to take their friendship to the next level and Stephanie couldn’t. After graduation, they went their separate ways. Twenty-five years later, Stephanie has returned to their hometown, leaving her 18-year-old son and cheating husband in Phoenix. Paula returns to… read more

6 Sizzling New Romances

New books are rolling off the presses faster than we can read them! Independent, small presses and major publishing houses alike are offering the kind of well-written lesbian fiction, with multi-dimensional characters that are worth a reader’s time. As the season heats up here are 6 new novels to consider from KG MacGregor’s cruise companion,… read more