Read a New Short Story from Andrew Holleran

Andrew Holleran fans rejoice! The summer issue of Granta contains a new work of fiction from the beloved author. The story, titled  “There’s a Small Hotel,”  is an affecting tale of a returning New Yorker’s reckoning with the city he once called home: He hated having to stay in hotels – or rather the fact that he… read more

Literary Mixtape: 'Dancer from the Dance'--Malone's Imaginary Disco Set

The folks at Flavorwire have an ingenious recurring column in which they create musical mixtapes for assorted literary characters. Each inspired post is dedicated to one literary character and provides a playlist of music they might have listened to. An exercise like this is catnip for a queer book geek. The column got me thinking, “What music would fill the lives of… read more

Book Buzz: Summer Must Reads

Book Buzz asked its regular contributors to share their “must read” book this summer and tell us why it’s at the top of their list. Here’s what we got…. read more

Book Buzz: Jan 2010

News and noteworthy tidbits from the LGBT writing and publishing community…. read more