From 'Cinderella' to 'King and King': The Rise of Alternative Fairytales

Last week, a special event called “Alternative Families, Alternative Fairytales” was held at London’s Southbank Centre. The meeting was dedicated to “addressing the lack or literature” available for same-sex parents in the UK and their estimated 19,000 children. In recent years, significant strides have been made in LGBT-inclusive children’s books –Justin Richardson’s And Tango Makes Three and… read more

Green Lantern Superhero Re-launched as Brave, Mighty, and Gay

Green Lantern, The Justice League’s fearless crime fighter, has come out of the closet. “This was my idea,” James Robinson, the series’ writer, said. “He doesn’t come out. He’s gay when we see him in issue two. He’s fearless and he’s honest to the point where he realized he was gay and he said ‘I’m… read more

Kids of Same Sex Parents Deserve Books About Them, Too

Jaclyn Roth, the mother of two little girls and an out lesbian, is writing a book series focusing on a child of LGBT parents after noticing that most books tackling the subject don’t focus on the kids. Teaming with Phylliss DelGreco, Kathryn Silverio, and illustrator Rory Smith, Roth is working on a series about a… read more

Authors Say Agent Tried to “Straighten” Gay Character in Their YA Novel

When Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith sought an agent for Stranger, their post-apocalyptic YA novel, they were met with an offer –one that came with an unacceptable condition. The agent (from a major publishing agency) requested that the novel’s gay character be rewritten as straight or be cut out of the storyline altogether. Manja… read more

Two Gay-Themed Novellas Nominated for the Shirley Jackson Awards

Two novellas nominated for the 2010 Shirley Jackson Awards contain gay themes: Laird Barron’s Mysterium Tremendum (Occultation, Night Shade) and Peter Dubé’s Subtle Bodies (Lethe Press). The award recognizes outstanding works of literature dealing with horror, suspense, or dark fantasy. [Source] Book About Gay Penguins Tops ‘Most Challenged’ List – Again: And Tango Makes Three,… read more