'Intimacy Idiot' by Isaac Oliver

The collection conveys how the author, alongside his fellow New York City denizens, both does and doesn’t connect with strangers in public or in bedrooms … read more

‘Bad Kid’ by David Crabb

Crabb artfully mines the high drama of the goth/new-wave culture that sustained him during his hormone-fueled and drug-influenced teenage years for comedy… read more

‘Bettyville’ by George Hodgman

Hodgman pictures himself as something of an outsider in his relationship to his family, to his hometown neighborhood, and to the gay community at large, and this point of view allows for observations about the past that are equally fond as they are insightful… read more

'The Tooth Fairy' by Clifford Chase

Set against the backdrop of two major national events—the beginning stages of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, and 9/11—The Tooth Fairy is a collection of interconnected essays that explore the family dynamics and romantic relationships Clifford struggles with during both time periods…. read more