'The Tower of the Antilles' by Achy Obejas

Cuba’s distinctive history and culture shape The Tower of Antilles with the unique negotiations with identity, memory and the idea of home that complicate the lives of the residents, exiles, and expatriates alike…. read more

Thomas Glave: Flesh and Blood

“I just feel that it is my human duty to talk about these terrible things that are happening to people. If I just talked at my university and gave talks in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa, and collected my paycheck, I would just be a rag dog moving through my life. I would not be caring about other human beings. I refuse to live in that way.”… read more

'Among the BloodPeople: Politics and Flesh' by Thomas Glave

Broken into chapters that seem disparate at first, Bloodpeople soon connects by focusing our attention on the body politic—the black, queer, Caribbean body; the black body on the periphery fighting for acceptance of its humanity and for its intense desire to survive and tell its story. … read more

'American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men' by David McConnell

As this country again focuses on its endemic violence, David McConnell’s book couldn’t have arrived at a more apt time. By delving deep into the sexual brutality typically explained away with micro-waved Freudianism, he’s given us a work that is searing, personal and yet with a clarity that adds to the national conversation. McConnell takes… read more

'Cervantes Street' by Jamie Manrique

Jamie Manrique’s Cervantes Street is a picturesque imagining of the great Spanish master’s epic life. Told from the alternating points of view of Cervantes himself, a self-assured genius from humble beginnings, and his childhood friend Luis de Lara, a man of great privilege, power, and jealousy…… read more

'Wingshooters' by Nina Revoyr

Wingshooters is constantly hinting at, without overtly stating—and this is nicely done—the shifting social and cultural mores of rural America in the mid-1970s…. read more

'Two Times Intro: On the Road with Patti Smith' by Michael Stipe

The slender book is part travelogue, part photo album, and part scrapbook tribute re-issued by Akashic Books. The first version came out in 1998 and is long sold-out. Now, post Just Kids —and with Michael Stipe post-R.E.M.—the book is a bittersweet object, a momento-mori from a rock-n-roll past that no longer exists…. read more

New in February UPDATED

“Make It Be Spring!” Here’s a list of new LGBT-relevant books to help us cope with the impending winter storms. From Homo Thugs to Shakesqueer, we’ve got it all. Kelley Eskridge‘s acclaimed novel, Solitaire (Small Beer), was reissued late last month and we hope to bring you a Q&A soon. Reality TV-show star Tabatha Coffey has… read more