Rebecca Walker: Black is Cool

“…you can no more separate Cool from Blackness than you can separate Hula from Hawaiians, or Yoga from Indians, or French cuisine from the French. “

Author Rebecca Walker talks with Lambda about her latest edited collection, Black Cool: A Thousand Streams of Blackness, the appropriation of Blackness, and the African cosmology of cool…. read more

'Invisible Families: Gay Identities, Relationships, and Motherhood Among Black Women' by Mignon R. Moore

There are approximately 39 million people who check “Black or African-American” on their Census forms. Nearly sixty percent of those individuals identify as female. If Census numbers provide an accurate reflection of a population, then one could imagine that Black or African-American women would be highly visible in their own communities, as well as others…. read more

Cheryl Clarke: The Never-Ending Resource that is Black Queerness

“There is queer activism in the African diaspora and wherever that movement is, there is always cultural production.” I was introduced to the iconic Cheryl Clarke while organizing a conference on spirituality and sexuality with writer and scholar Ashon T. Crawley for the Newark Pride Alliance in Newark, NJ in 2008. Ashon and I marveled… read more