Reflections on Black Gay Literature

“Those of us who are black and queer still live behind two veils sometimes, and we encounter a lot of the problems W.E.B. DuBois discussed over a century ago […]”… read more

'Jam on the Vine' by LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Jam on the Vine will resonate with many kinds of readers in myriad ways. Not only is it a well-researched and historically accurate account of southern African American survival, northern migration, and identity formation, it is an arresting real-world allegory…. read more

Remembering Assotto Saint: A Fierce and Fatal Vision

“[Saint] knew he had to chronicle the black gay voices of AIDS or they would be lost. He had to collect the bits and pieces that would create a different kind of names quilt–the angry verses, the embittered stanzas, the breathy last couplets of the dying.”… read more

'Ruby' by Cynthia Bond

“Ruby had felt it then. The audacious hope of rooted things. The innocent anticipation of the shooting stalks, the quivering stillness of the watching trees.” –Cynthia Bond, Ruby Ruby Bell, the beautiful and bizarre protagonist in Cynthia Bond’s new work Ruby (Hogarth), has been to hell and back. Raised in a small Southern town where… read more

Nia King: Web Comics for the Queer Set

QTPOC Comics by Nia King – Oakland Artist, Activist and Anarchist Growing up as a Queer, Black/Lebanese/Jewish woman, King is more than adept and equipped to author a comic calling on the life experiences of two queer people and their interracial relationship. The tagline for the King’s tumblr reads: “I’m mixed. My partner is trans. These… read more