Poet Adrienne Rich, 82, has died

Adrienne Rich, a pioneering lesbian feminist, poet and essayist who was considered to be one of America’s most influential contemporary poets, has died. She was 82…. read more

National Book Awards Finalist Announced

The National Book Award Finalist were announced on October 12th in Portland, Oregon.  The twenty Finalists for the 2011 National Book Awards were announced on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s morning radio program, Think Out Loud, in front of a live audience at the new Literary Arts Center in Portland…. read more

Cheryl Clarke: The Never-Ending Resource that is Black Queerness

“There is queer activism in the African diaspora and wherever that movement is, there is always cultural production.” I was introduced to the iconic Cheryl Clarke while organizing a conference on spirituality and sexuality with writer and scholar Ashon T. Crawley for the Newark Pride Alliance in Newark, NJ in 2008. Ashon and I marveled… read more

Very (Queer) Best of National Poetry Month

This April, magazines and blogs across the web have been running poem specials to celebrate National Poetry Month. With only a couple days left, I thought I’d take stock and share some of my favorites so far:… read more

Poems for Your Queerly Beloved

Need some help wooing your honey this Valentine’s Day? Here are fourteen of our favorite queer love poems, rounded up from LambdaLiterary.org and across the web. Who better to start us off than Sappho? In this fragment, translated by Richard Lattimore, she describes just how much havoc a crush can wreak: “Let me only glance… read more

'Tonight No Poetry Will Serve' by Adrienne Rich

Do you remember the last time you learned something new about an old friend? Were you surprised? Embarrassed? Delighted? As a younger woman, with an attitude to friendships that was more consumptive than embracing, I would have been dismayed to discover something new about someone I regarded as intimate. Even favorite poets. I wanted their… read more

5 Poets Who Changed My Life

1. Adrienne Rich I can’t tell you how I knew what the ladder was for.  But when I read “Diving Into the Wreck,” the title poem of Adrienne Rich’s 1973 collection, I hoped no one else in my class could see how exposed I felt. That first year of college, I frequented the library, the… read more

5 Poets Who Changed My Life

Life’s not forever, love is precarious. Wherever I live, let me come home to you as you are, I as I am, where you meet me and walk with me to the river. “Going Back to the River,” Marilyn Hacker Gertrude Stein Reading Gertrude Stein is a maddening, frustrating, and rewarding experience for me. Recently,… read more

Rachel M. Simon: Five Poets Who Changed My Life

Tim Seibles When I was in high school in the cultural wasteland of suburban Dallas, Tim Seibles was giving readings at Fun Ed (where you could take classes in wine appreciation and resume writing in an office park/strip mall).  It was possibly the least poetic setting possible, but he introduced me to Neruda’s “Sexual Water”… read more

Marilyn Hacker: Five Poets

It is hard to restrict myself to only five poets who changed my way of looking at the world, and at language and its possibilites. Given the venue, I’ll limit myself to LGBT poets, which at least helps in making the selection, by no means implying that only the work of LGBT poets has so… read more