'Corona' by Bushra Rehman

In her 2014 Lambda Literary Award nominated debut novel Corona, Bushra Rehman describes a life in vignettes; a young second-generation Pakistani woman named Razia Mirza, who is passionate, drifting, bright, and unshakably resilient. In a fine rebuke of linear chronology, Razia’s tales dart back and forth from her childhood in Corona, Queens to a wild tapestry… read more

'Viral' by Suzanne Parker

How do you sleep when the siren is your own exhaled cry: “Oh Christ” –From “Only Kissing”, by Suzanne Parker As a queer literary community, we often are tasked with the responsibility to address collective trauma: coming out, dysfunctional family dynamics, the AIDs crisis, hate crimes, suicide. The list is longer than we can imagine,… read more

Caleb Crain: Unintentional Fictions

“[…] writing fiction is indeed different from writing criticism. The process feels a lot less intentional. This will sound horribly mystical, but with fiction I’m not always aware exactly which part of me is making the decisions, which can be a little unsettling.”… read more

'The End of the Homosexual?' by Dennis Altman

A pop culture re-telling of both American and Australian LGBT histories, Altman draws connections to and away from what makes the LGBT community in America and Australia different from each while engaging with the unique struggles each have faced. … read more

'The Desperates' by Greg Kearney

In The Desperates, a potent debut novel and current Lammy nominee for gay fiction, Canadian Greg Kearney mines fairly specific territory—cancer and chemotherapy, life with HIV, methamphetamine, fantasies of self-destruction—to uncover provocative insights about broader themes like birth and death, and family […] … read more