'Dust Devil on a Quiet Street' by Richard Bowes

 “A writer’s life only becomes clear to him after he writes it,” declares Richard Bowes near the end of his Dust Devil on a Quiet Street. Part memoir, part tell-all, part homage to the city he has lived in for forty-plus years, and part secret history of that same city, Dust Devil is more than… read more

'Six Metres of Pavement' by Farzana Doctor

A popular creative writing prompt is to imagine two people who would never speak to each other, trapped in an elevator together. What would they talk about? Would they be able to get along? Divorced transportation engineer Ismail Boxwala and the queer twenty-something Fatima Khan are two such people whose paths would never cross, but their unlikely friendship becomes the linchpin of Farzana Doctor’s second novel, Six Metres of Pavement (Dundurn Press), where love and family become redefined when the characters choose to help each other…. read more

'Wingshooters' by Nina Revoyr

Wingshooters is constantly hinting at, without overtly stating—and this is nicely done—the shifting social and cultural mores of rural America in the mid-1970s…. read more