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Previous Winners

Lambda Literary Awards Finalists & Winners

For over 30 years, the Lambda Literary Awards have recognized the best LGBTQ books published in a given year across dozens of categories.

Below is a directory of all previous Lammy finalists and winners dating back to 1988. You can search by a title or author, and filter by the drop-down fields.

Note that each year’s Lambda Literary Awards celebrates books published between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. For example, books from the 2020 Lammys will show a publication year of 2019 in this table.

Publication Year
Book Title
Author Name
Award Status
Janice Gould (editor)
Carolina De Robertis
R.A. Thorn
Garrett Leigh
James Lovejoy
Bryan T. Clark
Jay Hogan
Marshall Thornton
Rick R. Reed
Chris Delyani
Jericho Brown
Cyrée Jarelle Johnson
Douglas Crase
Billy-Ray Belcourt
Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué
Jake Skeets
Lawrence Lacambra Ypil
Brian Teare
Greg Herren
Marshall Thornton
Liam McIlvanney
Chris Gill
Timothy Jay Smith
David S. Pederson
Michael Craft
Michael Nava
Chris Rush
James Oseland
Siddharth Dube
Joseph Caldwell
Isaac Mizrahi
Saeed Jones
Alvin Orloff
Guy Hocquenghem, Max Fox (translator)
Ocean Vuong
Will Eaves
Bryan Washington
João Gilberto Noll, Edgar Garbelotto (translator)
Jaime Manrique
De'Shawn Charles Winslow
Lindsey Drager
Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, Frank Wynne (translator)
mai c. doan
Ariana Reines
Cam Scott
Dorothy Chan
Stephanie Young
Moina Pam Dick
Faylita Hicks
Camonghne Felix

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