This week, a poem by R. Zamora Linmark.


TrumpSpeak: The Next Four Years


Lick my trump.
Suck my trump.
Hit and trump.
Trumpus Room.
No Trumpassing.
Just grab ‘em by the trump.
OMG, did you just trump me?
No trumping on the dance floor.
This kale trump-free?
Eat trump and die.
Take a trump.
You trump.
Trumping: big-toe fucking.
So trumping gross.
Scratch my trump.
Menstrual trump.
Venereal trump.
Pro-trump missiles.
Anti-cruise trumps.
Income-trump returns.
Trump if you do; trump if you don’t.
You. Make. Me. Wanna. Trump.
Trump at your own risk.
Trumpvasion of the trump strumpchers.
Everybody wang-trump tonight.
Everybody, trump the world.
World War Trump.
Trumpissistan: former red states of former continenal U.S.
Give me liberty or give me trump.
Smell my trump.
Genital trumps.
Anal trumps.
The whole trump and nothing but.
Meine trump.
Trailer park trumps.
Trump your trap.
Trump my day–go ahead.
Justifiable trumpicide.
Pot calling the kettle trump.
Freshly-squeezed trump.
Trumplandia: formerly Florida.
Shit, I gotta take a trump.
Did you just trump all over me?
I see skies of trump, grey roses too.
Trumpitis: inflammation of the ego of self-loathers.
Meenie-miney trumps.
Trumpsexuals: 4th grade rapists.
Erectile trumpfunction.
Trumped by skintrumps; he’s now in ICU.
National Trumpoons.
Trumpidextrous: cursing while praying.
Porn-Again trumps.
Trump or dare?
True or trump?
Trump you.
Trump you, too.


R. ZAMORA LINMARK’s forthcoming books are Pop Verite, his fourth poetry collection from Hanging Loose Press, and These Books Belong to Ken Z, a YA title from Delacorte/Random House. He divides his time between Manila and Honolulu.

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