This week, a poem by B.B.P. Hosmillo.


Before That Thing You Didn’t Want to Speak


Look at it again: the shaved dog in the immobile palm of deep breathing
_______________without fire exit.                       As though behind bars.
____As though seconds are for extinction.       Say hmn.
__________________________________Say human.
_________________Say Subhuman.                             That seismic circuit.
____________________________Never new
___________________________________but impeccably unprecedented,
________novel, more vulnerable than a mortal wound.
_________________________________Didn’t you know hurt is sometimes felt
________________________only in the future?
______Didn’t you know
____________you brought it here
____________________________________since you wanted to love in private.
__That will not be discussed.
______An entertaining earthquake is near
___________________________________________________and you have to
_____________skin an animal                         and eat it, too.
____Seems the point:               the private is a survivable bleeding.
_____No foreplay is good                     enough to explore your name.
___________________________Go ahead, come
in the dark and try to see your face and remember that’s all you have.


B.B.P. HOSMILLO is a queer and anti-colonial writer from the Philippines. He is the author of Breed Me: a sentence without a subject / Phối giống tôi: một câu không chủ đề (AJAR Press, 2016) with Vietnamese translation by Hanoi-based poets Nhã Thuyên and Hải Yến. He is co-editing Indigenous Futurisms & Imagining the Decolonial with Raquel Salas Rivera and Sarah Clark. Anthologized in Bettering American Poetry 2015, his work is forthcoming in Prairie Schooner and Construction. He is the founder of Queer Southeast Asia: a literary journal of transgressive art, a poetry reader for BOAAT Journal, and occasionally a guest poetry editor for Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. He is currently the Associate Expert at the International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO in Jeonju, South Korea.

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