Kicking off National Poetry Month, a new poem by Hannah Beresford.

Occupying Ourselves on the Platform

Just as I began to feel
______like an orphan__to this city,
you, stranger, sat beside me—
__my eyes________cowered recluse
behind my elbow.

Legs crossed, you smelled like
________a woman.

__Relief______the matriarch,
I thought,
______to crawl onto your lap.

With a pacified_____gaze
tucked over my right shoulder,
_____I was surprised_____by your
__________chiseled cheek bones,
your__Adam’s apple.

I had felt something else—
___________what made you need to
______turn inside-out.

I know I could curl up in your womb,
if you could finally
_____________find that space—
the woman
____I never became.


HANNAH BERESFORD is an MFA candidate in poetry at NYU. She is from Albany, NY and earned her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University where she studied under the poet Ai. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The OK Review, Red Earth Ink, scissors and spackle, The Adroit Journal and BULL SPEC.

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  • Growing Old With Grace

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