This week, a poem by Nicholas Goodly.


sweet nothings1 


1.   you  look  so  strong  you’re  so lucky  you  guys  don’t  even
have  to  work  out  I  bet  you don’t even  try for that body is it
true what they say about  you guys?  I bet you would  wear me
out damn that ass you gotta be mixed with something nice ass
yall all got those  big asses  Hey, HEY!  mmhmm damn that ass
what  a cute nose  where you from  I  been  struck with  jungle
fever lately I wouldn’t want you to rob me haha yo you Puerto
Rican?  you Pwaairto Reekeen?  you from an island,  huh.  you
Egyptian?  you’re  so cute  you can’t be  all black,  right?  I  bet
you would  never  date a black guy  bet you never been with a
white guy before what that ass do what those lips of yours do?
the things you would do to me  ooh  I  can  tell  you’re  trouble
the things I would do to you


NICHOLAS GOODLY is a teaching fellow at Columbia University and the writing editor of WUSSY Magazine.

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