Lambda Literary’s current issue of Emerge is now available for purchase. The anthology is a collection of fiction, nonfiction, plays, poetry, and genre fiction written by fellows of the 2015 Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices. These contributors represent a powerful assemblage of the most talented up-and-coming queer writers from around the globe who each submitted selections workshopped during their summer residency.

As 2015 Emerging LGBTQ Voices fiction faulty member Justin Torres writes in the introduction:

In preparing remarks to introduce this anthology, I am, as usual, overcome by a stymieing ambivalence. On one hand, I am tempted to use this space to take the literary world—publishing, the MFAs and AWPs—to task for so often misrepresenting, underrepresenting, sidelining, or even erasing, queer lives and queer voices. Lord knows I have anecdotal material. I would follow that by saying—ok, I am saying it now—that the writers contained herein represent the immense talent, the vast breadth, and the future, of queer literature today. Yet on the other hand, I’m exhausted a bit, by task-taking. And while I think it is necessary and right and good to critique the systems of power, and that enervation is hardly an excuse—I also long to write something enlivening, and to be enlivened in return. Underneath the ambivalence, I know only this—I love queer literature, it has sustained me […]

9780692723494You can purchase a copy of the anthology here.


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