Proposal deadline is May 1, 2018!

Open submissions for LitFest LA community-curated programming closes soon! We wanted to take this opportunity to address some Frequently Asked Questions about “A Week of LitFest.”

Are curators expected to secure venues?

Short answer, yes. As the curator it is ultimately your responsibility to secure a venue for the event that you are proposing. Accepted proposals will be paired with a LitFest Community Ambassador who can provide any needed assistance you may have with venue introductions or ancillary festival materials (LitFest letterhead, etc) to help you secure your venue.

What if I don’t have the artists/writers confirmed yet? Can I still apply?

Yes! Try to secure as much as possible before pitching, but if there’s still a participant that hasn’t committed or a venue that hasn’t confirmed, submit anyway. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to get everything locked up ahead of time.

When is “A Week of LitFest”?

Community-curated events will take place between Sunday, September 30, 2018 and Friday, October 5, 2018. They will occur throughout the greater Los Angeles area at venues secured by proposed parties. All programming should embrace the racial, ethnic, gender, dis/ability, socioeconomic, and geographic diversity of our LGBTQ LA communities.

Does the program we suggest have to be a physical one or can it be virtual/online/live feed?
We welcome all types of events-virtual, physical, or otherwise. Proposals will first and foremost be evaluated on how well they fit with the themes and mission of LitFest.

What exactly is Lambda offering as far as resources?

Accepted proposals will be paired with a LitFest Community Ambassador who can assist with venue introductions and provide any necessary ancillary festival materials (LitFest letterhead, etc.). The Community Ambassador will be your main contact for any question you may have about the festival in general and your event in specific.

Can I submit a workshop?

Absolutely! We love workshops.

Are curators allowed to create events only for LGBTQPOC people, including audience attendance (POC-only audience)?

While we welcome proposals that are tailored to LGBTQPOC members of our community, all LitFest programming must be inclusive of all audience members. If you have concerns about safe spaces for your programming, your LitFest Community Ambassador will work with you to ensure that your needs are met while respecting the inclusive mission of the festival.

What exactly am I responsible for as a curator?

A Week of LitFest is designed to be a showcase for the LA literary community. As a community curator, it is your job to organize, plan, and promote your event. This means securing a venue and participants, as well as spreading the word. LitFest is happy to assist when possible (and, of course, we will be promoting each and every A Week of LitFest event), but the ultimate responsibility for ensuring a successful event rests with you, the community curator. Tap into your networks, call your friends, bribe your favorite authors…okay, maybe don’t bribe anybody…but you get the idea.

Is LitFest looking for any kind of programming in specific?

The only requirement is that it embrace the full, diverse spectrum of literary LA. Your proposal can be for a reading, a workshop, a Literary Death Match type competition, etc. Get creative with it and have fun! To see a list of last year’s A Week of LitFest events click here.

Does programming have to be strictly “literary” or can it include other artistic expressions?
This is a literary festival, so the focus is going to be on the literary arts. That said we’re open-minded. If you have a fantastic idea that you think would be a good fit, by all means pitch it! We’d love to take a look.

Do curators and artists have to be from LA?

Neither curators nor artists have to be from LA. However, the focus of LitFest LA is celebrating the queer Los Angeles literary scene. Successful events must have some significant connection to the Southland.

Do curators and artists have to be LGBTQ or are allies welcome to apply or be in the Festival?

LitFest LA welcomes everyone to join us in celebrating the full diversity of queer LA literature. Your submission for A Week of LitFest programming should have a strong connection to LGBTQ letters, but individual artists or curators do not necessarily have to be LGBTQ themselves.

May I suggest a program but not be the curator?

While we love hearing pitches for awesome programming, if you’re submitting an idea, we ask that you also be willing to curate it. If for whatever reason you feel that you cannot commit to that responsibility, we suggest partnering up with a friend or community organization who is willing to take ownership of the event.

Are we allowed to pay our artists or charge a ticket price?

A Week of LitFest community programming should be free and open to the public. You may accept donations. You may also charge for merchandise or drinks. Please check with your venue if you plan on offering anything for sale, as policies may vary from venue to venue.

How many programs may I submit?

There is no limit. But, keep in mind, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the success of each of your accepted proposals. Make sure you have the bandwidth to commit to whatever you are pitching.

Is there an application to vend at the festival?

Yes. Check back in the summer. We plan on having more information then.

Is Lambda open to programming from youth, possibly under 18?

Absolutely! Youth programming is encouraged!

And, finally, I’m ready to submit! Where can I do so?

You’re amazing! Thank you! We’re accepting submissions here.


The 2nd Annual Lambda LitFest LA program schedule:

September 29th, 2018 – LitFest opens for a full day of Lambda-curated programming at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in DTLA

September 30th-October 5th, 2018 – “Week of LitFest” community-curated events throughout LA

October 6th, 2018 – Lambda-curated closing events

For more information or if you are ready to submit a proposal, please visit our proposals submission page here. We look forward to hearing from you!


Proposal deadline is May 1, 2018!

Join the conversation by following #LambdaLitFest. Learn more at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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