Meet the 2015 Emerging Writers Retreat Fellows 

Donate to the Retreat Scholarship Fund Today

This is our final announcement of the scholarship fund Spring fundraising campaign. We need your support to assist these extraordinary up-and-coming writers to attend our summer residency. Please consider donating to the students’ individual goals (links in bios) to attend the Retreat or to the general scholarship fund.

The 2015 class of the Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices will spend a week in Los Angeles, June 22-29, 2015 working on their manuscripts in workshops led by some of our community’s leading LGBT authors/mentors.

You can help bring these Emerging Writers to Los Angeles


Receive Gaslight, an e-Book Anthology of Writing by Lambda Fellows with your donation! 

GaslightWith a donation of $25 or more to the Retreat scholarship fund you will receive our first annual issue of Gaslight, a brilliant e-book anthology of fiction, nonfiction and poetry that showcases the talent of the 2014 students of the Retreat. As the editor of the first volume of Gaslight, Miah Jeffra writes in the introduction:

I realize that an editor of something like this is supposed to sit with the collection of texts, wade through their poetics, their choices (and such terrific choices!) and declare the emergent theme … Not the case, here. The only emergent theme in this collection, besides our identities as queer folks all across the spectrum, is just how much of a rounded horizon that spectrum has become. There is plot play, political jabs, social polemic, meditations on nature, domestic lensing and, of course, love. And, of course, music. And, of course, perspective, that sliver of the truth, that light of a blade or that to light the way.

Don’t miss your chance to receive a copy of the e-anthology, Gaslight, when you make a contribution to the scholarship fund!



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