This week in the LGBTQ-themed arts:

The Sword interviews Billy Miller, the editor of Straight to Hell, a zine that has compiled real-life erotic editorials from readers since 1973, which is releasing its first issue in three years. (Warning: Link NSFW.)

The Winter Tangerine Review has released an online issue themed “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” a collection of poetry and paintings focusing on the recent slew of police killings of African-Americans.

The New Yorker has an obituary for Pedro Lemebel, the rarely translated Chilean author, poet and performance artist who challenged homophobia on both sides of his nation’s broad political spectrum.

54–Mark Christopher’s 1998 film about New York’s Studio 54 club, which was reshot to tame down its homosexual subtexts and bombed at the box office–is being rereleased in its original form.

Recipients of this year’s Stonewall Book Awards, which are sponsored by the American Library Association, include Saeed Jones’ Prelude to Bruise and This Day in June by Dr. Gayle E. Pitman.

Andrew Sullivan–the editor and blogger who has been behind The Dish since January 2001, when the Internet was still in its childhood–is taking a hiatus from blogging, possibly for good.

Guernica interviews trans memoirist Thomas Page McBee about masculinity, the burdens of being a trans man, his difficult childhood, and growing up with trans inclinations in today’s world.

ABC has ordered a comedy pilot with a coming-out-to-family story based on the life of advice columnist Dan Savage.

Autostraddle profiles four positive, groundbreaking representations of trans women characters in Image Comics.


Image: Straight to Hell via The Sword 

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