For all of you lovers of LGBTQ literature eagerly awaiting the release of Sister Spit’s debut anthology—indeed, the day has finally arrived. Sister Spit: Writing, Rants, and Reminiscence from the Road has just hit bookstore shelves, and in the spirit of celebration, the Lambda Literary Review is offering a sneak peak of the collection. Edited by Michelle Tea and published by City Lights, the collection captures:

…nearly 15 years of the provocative, politicized, and risk-taking elements that characterize the Sister Spit aesthetic, stamping the raw energy and signature style of the live show onto the page. Bratty poets and failed priestesses, punk angst and tough love, too much to drink and tattooed timelines—this anthology has it all in a collection of poetry, personal narrative, artwork, and fiction from Sister Spit superstars, including. . .

 *Eileen Myles * Beth Lisick * Michelle Tea * MariNaomi * Cristy Road * Ali Liebegott * Blake Nelson * Lenelle Moise * and Many More!

In this darkly humorous excerpt, “February 13, 1982,” poet Eileen Myles gives a candid recollection of her first experience attending her own book party.


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