Cassandra’s Angel is a fairytale teaching the values of tolerance and self-acceptance to young people. During the Change My World Now bus tour, a New Jersey student came up to Gina Otto, the book’s author, and told her that her story had helped save his life. Further proof of the power of books for gay youth? We’d say so. [HuffingtonPost]

Roundup: The Best Lesbian and Gay Parenting Books of 2011Need to catch up on your reading? This roundup includes works like Donovan’s Big Day by Lesléa Newman, Monday Is One Day by Arthur A. Levine, and Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult. For the entire roundup (also perfect for last minute gift ideas!), check out Bay Windows.

Ruth Gogoll: ‘In My Books, Lesbians Always End up Happy’: Taxi to Paris author Ruth Gogoll just wanted a happy ending –and after the books she read left her disappointed, she set out to create her own. She explained:

“If there are no entertaining, happy-ending stories with lesbians, I have to write them myself. I don’t want to read another book about an unhappy lesbian life…in my world, in my books, lesbians always end up happy, with loving women in their arms — every one of them, ultimately (but not before going through some real-world difficulties).”

Sound good? Pick up A Christmas Carol, Gogoll’s latest work, for a festive love story that’s perfect for the holiday season. [HuffingtonPost]

The Lesbian Poetry Archive Publishes New, Electronic Edition of Minnie Bruce Pratt’s Chapbook, The Sound of One Fork: Published in 1981, The Sound of One Fork was the acclaimed Minnie Bruce Pratt’s first work of poetry. If you missed it, check out the electronic edition, complete with a new foreword and notes by Julie R. Enszer. Pratt wrote:

 “In 2011 the link between there and here is traceable in me, in my poetry—and, more importantly, in the continuing world-wide movements against oppression and class exploitation.”

Download your copy at the Lesbian Poetry Archive.

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