From the “cross country road trips” in Trebor Healey’s A Horse Named Sorrow, to a “contemporary look at AIDS and cultural memory loss” in Sarah Schulman’s The Gentrification of the Mind, to Cheryl Burke’s “gritty, kinetic, and ultimately triumphant portrait of the East Village queer performance scene in the ’90s” in My Awesome Place, this list of remarkable LGBT books is bound to have something for everyone. To learn more and discover what the authors had to say about their favorites book, click here. [BandofThebes]

7 Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Stories

In celebration of the holiday season, Redbook Magazine has compiled seven particularly entrancing non-fiction tales from seven outstanding authors. Among the many voices are queer writers Emma Donoghue and Ayana Mathis.

From Redbook:

There are two kinds of holidays: the kind we think we’re supposed to have–all twinkling lights and smiling relatives–and the kind we actually have… with grease fires in the kitchen, travel snafus, and heaping plates o’ drama. Luckily, as these writers discovered, the season can be far from picturesque and still, somehow, amazing.

Read their stories here.

Will Simon & Schuster’s Premium Self-Publishing Service Be Worth it?

With the publishing industry changing at a rapid pace, there has been buzz within the literary community surrounding Simon & Schuster’s recent announcement of plans to partner with Author Solutions Inc., a successful, but expensive, self-publishing house located in Bloomington, Indiana. According to Flavorwire, Archway will be a treated as a separate publishing house and will provide “premium service, providing ‘the standard editorial, design, and distribution services’ — plus some extras like access to video production services and speaking opportunities.” They will publish fiction, non-fiction, business and children’s books. Learn more here.

What Should I Read Next? A Hipster Lit Flow Chart

Whether you consider yourself a literally-loving hipster or a literally-loving scholar or just you’re typical literally-loving reader, like myself, this humorous chart offers some interesting reads in a pretty innovative manner. Check it out here. [GoodReads]



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