Jaclyn Roth, the mother of two little girls and an out lesbian, is writing a book series focusing on a child of LGBT parents after noticing that most books tackling the subject don’t focus on the kids.

Teaming with Phylliss DelGreco, Kathryn Silverio, and illustrator Rory Smith, Roth is working on a series about a young girl who happens to have two moms. She explained:

“There are a couple of books out there [for kids of same sex parents]. A couple were from the ’70s, and they were really antiquated for this day and age. The moms were a bit stereotyped. But more than anything, the books were about the parents, not about the child.”

Currently, the first two books in the series (Monday With Maxim, The Amazing Maltese and Tuesday With Mommy … and Pterodactyls) are available on Amazon. [TheStir]

LGBT Children’s Books Presented: They might be banned in school libraries, but that didn’t stop Princeton University professors from reading LGBT kids’ books to celebrate Banned Books Week. On the list: Heather Has Two Mommies, Donovan’s Big Day, the oft challenged And Tango Makes Three, and My Princess Boy. [DailyPrincetonian]

ACLU Marks Banned Websites Awareness Day with Report on LGBT Censorship in Schools: Though there are the unfortunate exceptions, public schools are reportedly receptive to removing web filters blocking student access to LGBT educational content, according to a report by the American Civil Liberties Union LGBT Project.

Joshua Block, an ACLU staff attorney, explained:

“Just as schools cannot remove books from the library that support LGBT people and their legal rights, schools also cannot use discriminatory web filtering software that prevents students from accessing supportive websites. But, thankfully, once schools are alerted to the fact that their filters may be blocking LGBT-supportive content, the overwhelming majority have voluntarily changed their policies to provide their students with viewpoint-neutral Internet access.” [CensorshipinAmerica]

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