In 1979, A Different Light bookstore opened in Silver Lake, Los Angles, eventually setting up additional locations around California and New York. Earlier this year, the last of the gay bookstore’s shops shuttered. Though residents worked to get this first site approved as a historic cultural monument, the Santa Monica location was recently bulldozed

by the property owner. [TheEastSiderLA]

Bronxite’s First Novel Deals With Growing Up Gay In Hunts Point: Gay Bronx resident Charles Rice-Gonzalez tells “the story of a young Hispanic gay male coming of age in modern-day Hunts Point” in his first book, Chulito. Published by Magnus Books, the novel will be released on Tuesday, October 11. [Yournabe]

Gay Soldier’s Iraq Tale Goes Far Beyond ‘Don’t Ask’: The Last Deployment: How a Gay, Hammer-Swinging Twentysomething Survived a Year in Iraq by Bronson Lemer isn’t your run of the mill anti-DADT book –rather, it chronicles this gay soldier’s experience under the law. Though Lemer wasn’t asked about his sexual orientation while serving, he experienced the homophobic slurs and jests his peers made in passing, all the while prohibited from revealing himself as a gay man. [ArmyTimes]

Family Equality Council Releases Back to School Kit for LGBT Students: To download a copy of the council’s 2011 kit promoting safe schools for all students, visit their website.

Photo by James Schneeweis

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