If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the 23rd James Bond movie, Mark O’Connell’s new book will hold you over until the latest installment hits theaters. Titled Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan, the gay author shares his obsession with James Bond and how the hero influenced him as a closeted child. The Advocate chatted with O’Connell about all things LGBT and Bond. [Advocate]

The Truth About Danmei: One Chinese teenager explores the Danmei (gay fiction graphic novel) trend and how it correlates –or doesn’t– with “fangirl” LGBT activism. [GayStarNews]

Tereska Torrès, 92, Writer of Lesbian Fiction, Dies: Tereska Torrès, author of the Women’s Barracks, has died. Her most famous work was seen as scandalous by 1950s America because it depicted sexual interactions –both heterosexual and lesbian. [NYTimes]

Bishop Gene Robinson on His New Book ‘God Believes in Love’ & More: Many in the LGBT community know Bishop Robinson as the first gay bishop of the Episcopal Church. He is continuing his work for LGBT-inclusiveness with a new book, God Believes in Love.  Bishop Robinson told the Daily Beast in an interview:

“Fair-minded people want to live in a nation whose laws protect those who are discriminated against by a majority prejudiced against them. Some take up this fight when they see teenagers committing suicide because they have no hope for a fulfilling and happy life as a gay man or lesbian. For followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, there is always the call to care for the most vulnerable, to welcome the stranger, and to fight for the marginalized and oppressed, and so their advocacy for gay marriage is an expression of their faith commitment. There are many roads to advocacy for gay marriage.” [TheDailyBeast]


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