If you couldn’t leave your house until you finished Malinda Lo’s Ash (guilty as charged), you need to check out the official trailer for her latest work, Adaptation. Though we’ll have to wait until September 18 to get our hands on this sure-to-be page-turner, the book is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

Vidal’s Own Wit to Celebrate Him: The New York Times covers Gore Vidal’s memorial service, complete with quotes, mentions of famous attendees, and a good deal of reminiscing.

Gay Drama Premieres in Uganda: Though it’s a country where lawmakers call for the death penalty for LGBT people, a new play revolving around the life of a gay man will go on. Written by Beau Hopkins, it is called The River and the Mountain. [SacBee]

Archive Collects KC’s Gay And Lesbian History: The director of the Gay and Lesbian Archives of Mid-America discusses Kansas City’s first gay pride group and how vital LGBT history is for youth:

“To convey to young people what it was like, particularly young LGBT people. That you haven’t always had gay and lesbian people on television. You haven’t always had out people in the Olympics. You haven’t always had a president who will support same-sex marriage. It’s been a real struggle to get to this point. And kids today – young people today – don’t know that. And without this kind of documentation and without these kinds of stories, they will lose that.” [KCUR]


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