This week in the LGBT-themed arts:

James Franco is portraying Michael Glatze,  a former gay journalist and founder of two LGBT publications who inexplicably became a right-wing Christian and renounced his sexuality, in the upcoming biopic Michael, which is currently in production. The film is an adaptation of a 2011 New York Times Magazine article by writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis.

George R.R. Martin defended the absence of LGBT characters, let alone gay sex, in his A Song of Ice and Fire novels–a trend that’s in stark contrast to the series’ HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones, which is replete with all varieties of sex scenes.

Florian Duijsens of the Asymptote Blog provides an analysis of his modernized and queered translation of Franz Kafka’s short-short story “Unmasking the Confidence Trickster”, which he renames “Exposing the Hustler.” The full translation is provided, too.

Brian Andersen of offers an anthology of comic book panels in which gay kissing is featured or implied. Astonishing, the Comics Code Authority banned queer displays of affections until 1989, making this phenomenon relatively recent in mainstream comic books.

The Ploughshares blog profiles four members of a new generation of millennial Latino poets whose works probe the depths and complexities of queer theory and ethnic history. Links to samples of their poems and collections of poetry are included.

Writer Kevin Sessums, once a notorious celebrity insider and writer for Vanity Fair, is primed for a comeback with his new LGBT magazine FourTwoNine, an offshoot of, an online gay professional and classifieds publication.

The end of this month sees the deadline to apply for this year’s Emerge-Surface-Be, a mentor-based fellowship sponsored by The Poetry Project.

Next week sees the opening of Reading Queer, an annual queer theory-focused literary fair in Miami, Florida consisting of lectures, workshops and salons.

Electric Literature posts a conversation between authors Michael Cunningham and Ursula K. Le Guin about the risks of labeling genre and sexuality.

Matt L. Rohrer of HTMLGiant interviews experimental poet-author Kevin Killian on his new volume of poetry and prose poetry, Tweaky Village.

Flavorwire recommends a list of fifty novels by women authors under the age of fifty, including one by Ayana Mathis and one about Gertrude Stein.


(Photo: James Franco via  The Advocate.)

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