All it takes is a shake–literally–to teach kids diversity. Pop It, a new children’s book for Apple’s iPad by artist Raghava KK, starts off with a gay couple, but readers can change the parents to a lesbian couple or a heterosexual couple by simply shaking the device. The children in the book perform everyday tasks with their parents like taking a bath and playing with toys.

“It’s a metaphor for shaking from one perspective to another,” Raghava told Mashable. “The relationship between parent and child does not change if they have two moms, two dads. I’m challenging the concept of family.” [Mashable]

Live Webchat: Sarah Waters: If you can’t get enough of Sarah Waters–and let’s face it, who can?–the Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet author joined the Guardian for an hour-long live webchat on Friday. Waters talked to readers about sex in fiction, ambiguous endings, personal influences, and what’s next. Visit the Guardian for the complete chat. [Guardian]

Ivan Velez, Jr. Teaches Harlem Kids How to Draw Comic Book Characters: Ivan Velez Jr., author of the nine-part Tales of the Closet series, has been sharing his expertise with kids at the Countee Cullen Library in Harlem. This New York Daily News article highlights his achievements as a gay artist and provides a list of Velez’s tips for comic book makers. [NYDailyNews]

‘Gay Dumbledore’? Those Are Fighting Words in the ‘Big Brother’ House: Apparently, the idea of a gay man serving as school headmaster seriously angered one reality star. Many know that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling announced that Dumbledore is gay, but when Jeff Schroeder finally became aware of the detail, he went on a homophobic tirade against gay educators.

“He’s in a school with little kids,” Schroeder stated passionately. “You don’t want to make that guy gay. I don’t think it’s the right thing to have a little kid’s book and have the headmaster that you’re locked away with in a magical land be gay. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.” [Today]

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