This week in the LGBTQ-themed arts:

Comics Alliance has a call to action for graphic novelists and comic book adapters to consciously include LGBTQ characters in their narratives, theorizing that they are not going to show up “organically.”

The Toast talks with author Alexander Chee about what the future means for gays and writers, the pitfalls of placing labels on sexuality and genre, and his experiences with young writers starting out.

The Millions is compiling a list of the books forthcoming in the rest of 2015 (and a few in 2016) that they’re anticipating the most. Chee is name-dropped, as is Lammy winner Chinelo Okparanta.

With only three feature films under his belt, John Cameron Mitchell is already receiving the Outfest Achievement Award; he talks to Queerty about his influences and what’s in store for him.

Out traces the history of drag in cinema, from a convenient heterosexual disguise, to a mid-1990s insurgence of films that were genuine in exploring drag as a committed queer lifestyle, and back again.

Vulture has a clip from the new documentary Do I Sound Gay?about the cultural link between sexuality and voice–in which David Sedaris confesses his vocal fantasies to his boyfriend, Hugh Hamrick.

Bomb interviews trans performance artist Justin Vivian Bond about their new London exhibition My Model / MySelf, the LGBTQ contributions to fashion, and their life and career after AIDS and 9/11.

Lastly, in case the previous round-up of celebrity reactions wasn’t satisfying, here are seven LGBTQ authors reacting to the Supreme Court’s declared Constitutional protection of their right to marry.

Image by Rey Arzeno via Comics Alliance

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