Polari Prize Judge Suzi Feay laments the apparent lack of new lesbian writers in the UK. She writes:

“A few writers I talked to said their agents were very dubious about the saleability of work with a lesbian theme. But there’s one problem with blaming the industry – already mindful of the difficulty that LGBT writers might have in getting published, and the marginalisation of LGBT subject matter, the Polari prize panel welcomes self-published authors. Yet we still got very few entries from lesbian writers. Are lesbians not even writing books any more?” [Guardian]

Portraits of Lesbian Writers, 1987-1989: In celebration of Pride Month, here’s a roundup of famed lesbian writers from the late 1980s featuring portraits from Robert Giard’s vast collection. [Autostraddle]

Interview: Sarah Waters: Sarah Waters, the lesbian novelist who gave us Tipping the Velvet, Affinity, and Fingersmith, chatted with Diva magazine about her new book. The celebrated writer said:

“It’s very much a lesbian story and that’s been really nice to get back to. I loved writing The Little Stranger but I did miss a bit of lesbian romance. [She chuckles.] So this has got a lot of that.” [Diva]



Photo: UK Novelist Emma Donoghue


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  1. 10 June 2012 at 8:25 PM #

    Maybe it’s time for publishers to risk a few authors (Nicola Griffith springs superbly to mind) who treat their lesbian characters’ sexuality as the norm, without angst, guilt or embarrassment, even if that confines them to fantasy or sci fi? Shouldn’t coming out and closet tales have had their day in a country where gay marriage is legal – at least as long as it is called something else….

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