For many queer activist authors, myself included, Leslie Feinberg is an iconic inspiration and trailblazer whose life and work has created a world where it’s possible for us to do this kind of work. Leslie remains a true transgender warrior who, despite hir debilitating health crisis over the past several years stays on the pulse of what’s happening to our community and pushing towards liberation.

Most recently, Leslie has been on the ground in Minneapolis as an activist supporting CeCe McDonald.  CeCe is a young transgender woman of color who was on trial for the stabbing murder of a white man, with a swastika tattoo, who physically attacked CeCe and her friends shouting racist, homophobic and transphobic slurs. CeCe, who this week accepted a second degree manslaughter plea-bargain which will result in 40 months in jail, has argued that she was protecting herself and acted entirely in self defense. Detailed coverage of the case and court proceedings are available at: 

While on the ground in Minneapolis, Leslie was able to get on the visitors list to meet with CeCe personally. At a visit, Leslie shared with CeCe hir intention to use books as an activist tool to bring focus and attention to her.  Leslie has taken back the rights to Stone Butch Blues, and is currently working on a 20th anniversary special author edition to release in Spring 2013.  While visiting CeCe in jail, Leslie asked her if ze could dedicate this new release of Stone Butch Blues to her. CeCe said “Yes!” and Leslie is thrilled to move forward.  On hir tumbler when Leslie made the announcement and posted this picture, Leslie wrote, “when I saw this attached photo for the first time, it was clear to me, that this is the dedication photograph!!

Complete details of the release aren’t available yet, but Leslie has announced that as part of the 20th anniversary release will be a free downloadable multimedia edition as well as a not-for-profit, at-cost print edition. I exchanged emails with Leslie this week, who unfortunately was too ill to have a conversation with me about the re-release at this time, but will be posting more information as it becomes available about the release at hir Tumbler .

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