Last week, a special event called “Alternative Families, Alternative Fairytales” was held at London’s Southbank Centre. The meeting was dedicated to “addressing the lack or literature” available for same-sex parents in the UK and their estimated 19,000 children. In recent years, significant strides have been made in LGBT-inclusive children’s books –Justin Richardson’s And Tango Makes Three and Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland’s King and King are two prominent examples.

“Together books like these show that it’s fine to be different,” wrote Matthew Cain.  “They send out a positive message to children of same sex parents, making them feel validated and showing them that their lives are just as important as those of children with both a mum and a dad.” [Channel4]

Openly Gay Batwoman Might Soon Tie the Knot: For the openly gay Batwoman, it seems that wedding bells may soon be in the air. In Batwoman #17, the masked heroine proposes to her lady love, police detective Maggie Sawyer. This aww-inducing issue has already hit the stands. Meanwhile, LGBT activists continue to fight publisher DC Comics’ decision to hire anti-gay author Orson Scott Card.

 “In the last ten if not twenty years, we have seen more characters who are identified as queer in mainstream comics,” Batwoman co-creator Greg Rucka said. “[But] I feel very strongly that it’s been two steps forward and one step back. Are we making progress? Yes. But it’s not satisfactory in any way shape or form.” [Wired]


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